Wednesday, January 13, 2016

How to Sew a Log Pyramid Block

Block #2 of my modern sampler is a log pyramid.  It's a mini version of my Log Pyramid quilt.

This block finishes at 8" but you can easily scale it to other sizes.

Since this is a scrappy block I don't have precise fabric requirements to give.

Instead these general guidelines
--one triangle of fabric about 2.5" tall by 2.5" wide (including seam allowance).  Any shape triangle will do.
--strips of at least 3 different fabrics 1.5" wide.  Length of the strips will vary.  On the 8" square, I used 25" long strips for the first 3 rings of the triangle.  After that 18" strips (or smaller) were enough.

On the log pyramid quilt I used strips of various widths but I thought that would be too overwhelming in an 8" block.  I might try varying widths in a larger version of this block.

To begin, I used my "mini 45 degree" ruler to cut a 2.5" by 2.5" triangle.  But you can cut any shape of triangle you like.  You could even cut it freehand for a wonky pyramid.

Next I started sewing my strips around the triangle "log cabin style".  I started with what will be the bottom edge of the block and worked clockwise.  I used my ruler to even up the corners after each strip was sewn on.

I chose the fabric for each row randomly by closing my eyes and picking a strip from a pile.

After each strip was added I put my block against my 8.5" square ruler to check my progress.  After starting the second ring I decided that I didn't need to add more rows to the bottom.

I squared off the left and top corner so I know where to stop sewing my strips.  I left some extra fabric when I trimmed just in case.

Now it was just a matter of adding strips to each side of the pyramid until I filled the square.  I made my square larger than 8.5" inches so I would have some flexibility in the position of the inner triangle when I did the final trim.  After every row I checked against my ruler.

And the final step was to trim my block to 8.5" square.

For my 2016 Modern Sampler I repeated the process with different fabrics.

I hope you try the log pyramid block!

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