Gallery of Completed Projects 2014 and Earlier

For a year in 2013-2014 I tried to sew only from my stash.  I hadn't quilted in almost 10 years and didn't really know where to start.  Using stash fabrics freed me to try new things.  I stuck with small projects in the hope I could sew something every month.

Many of these projects use fabrics that are over a decade old.  It was a challenge to make them feel up to date.

Fall Table Runner - 2013
This table runner was my first stash project and was completed in September 2013.

Valentine - 2014
This tiny quilt was a gift for my husband on Valentines day.  We celebrated our 20 year anniversary in 2014.

Poppies - 2015
I love this fabric so I kept it whole.  This table covering is hand quilted with chunky embroidery thread.

Halloween Table Runner - Front - 2014
Halloween Table Runner - Front - 2014
This Halloween table runner is one of my favorite stash project.  The colors are so festive.  I'm not sure if I prefer the front or the back.

Spring Table Runner - 2014
This is a whole cloth runner.  I just love this fabric and couldn't bear to cut it up.

Wandering Geese - 2014

Wandering geese is the only quilt from this year I would consider modern.  It was an experiment in improv piecing.  This was my last stash project.

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