Monday, February 15, 2016

Book Review - Rosie's Family, An Adoption Story

(this post contains affiliate links but the opinions are 100% mine)

This post is off topic for this blog but I'm so happy to have found this book that I wanted to share it!

Rosie's Family is a story about a puppy who was adopted by a family who does not look like her.  Rosie's parents explain what adoption is and Rosie talks about all of the emotions she experiences as she tries to understand her adoption.  It is written from the perspective of a child who does not remember her birth parents and who is part of a family who does not look like her.

Our 3 1/2 year old is so interested in this book.  While she's a bit young to really understand what adoption is we can tell that she is starting the process of learning about her past when we read this book together.

From other reviews I can see that this book was a good fit for many adoptive families.  I think it especially works for children of international adoption.

The book spends some time talking about why Rosie's birth parents gave her up.  Rosie's parents explain that her birth parents were unable to care for her and made the brave and loving decision to give her up for adoption.  Some reviewers of this book found that explanation to be problematic for children adopted out of troubled homes.  So Rosie's Family may not be the right book for all families.    But it is the right book for our family.

If you've ever looked for a children's book about adoption you know how hard it can be to find a book that's well written and fits your situation.  Rosie's Family is the first book I've found that I enjoy reading and that I don't have to "rewrite" to fit our situation.  I've ordered a few extra copies to donate to our preschool and to share with extended family.

I recommend this book to anyone in a similar situation who wants to talk about adoption with a preschool or kindergarten aged child.  I think its relevant for children who are adopted, their siblings, cousins, and friends.

If you have any books to recommend about adoption I'd love to hear about them!