Tuesday, December 8, 2015

On the Design Wall - Blue Moonshine

On the design wall December 8, 2015:

This project is a real test in dealing with pattern and color.

I started with a big bundle of Tula Pink Moonshine fabric.  LOTS of pattern and color!

I added a couple solids and starting making 8" square in a square blocks.  I made a LOT of them!

I split the pile into 3 groups - mostly blue, mostly red/pink and mostly orange/yellow.  I put the blue ones on the design wall.

Ouch! It felt too slapdash for me.  Next I tried grouping like colors and patterns together.

I liked this a bit better.  Finally I moved all the red squares to the middle.

Not horrible!  I'm going to stare at it for a few days before sewing it together.

Which version do you prefer?


  1. I like the third version. That is a hard one but also really interesting to look at, almost like an optical illusion.

  2. Thanks Marti! Next time I'm going to use more solids :). Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Hi, I found your post on Sew Cute Tuesday. I like your modern approach, however this group of fabrics was really a challenge. The big dots and the diamonds fit right into your geometric block plan. The frames with the red print have some distracting blue rectangles that seem to impinge on or distract from the blue centers. The other prints seem a bit out of place in all the good geometry you've got going. At least this is what the photos show to me. But I do like three the best. Keep up the good work!

    1. Thanks for stopping by Paula! It certainly is a challenging set to work with!