Wednesday, December 9, 2015

25 Gift Ideas (Mostly) Under $25

Is there a modern quilter in your life that you need to buy a gift for?  Fear not!  Here are 25 ideas for (mostly) under $25.  The few that cost a little bit more are worth it so I included them :)

1.  Fabric!  Quilters can never have enough fabric.  Your local quilt store is a wonderful place to buy fabric.  The nice people who work there would be happy to help you find something appropriate.  Charm packs are packs of 5" squares that cost $10-15.  Fat quarters are 18"x22" squares of fabric that cost a few dollars each.

2.  The gift of shopping!  The same local quilt store would be happy to sell you a gift certificate.  An excuse to shop for fabric is one of the greatest gifts of all.

3.  Books!  I'm a book nerd and love giving books.  Real books made of paper.  I guess that shows my age.  This is a great reference book for any quilter.

4.  Bobbin buddies.  These little guys attach a bobbin to a spool of thread.  No more guessing which half-used bobbins go with which threads.

5.  More books!  This book is a great introduction to improv quilting and is sure to inspire.

6.  Easy Binding Ruler.  This tool is a little miracle.  Use it to measure and cut the binding to fit neatly around the quilt.  I love mine!

7.  Even more books!  I told you I was nuts for books.
This one is a wonderful machine quilting reference.

8.  A pretty and functional rolling cart.  These cute carts are a great place to hold projects-in-progress.  They roll around so easily.  I have one in every color (aqua, white and grey).

9.  Coloring books for grown ups are super trendy this year.  Tula Pink is a super trendy fabric designer.  So how can you go wrong with one of her coloring books?  You can't!

10.  A cute and functional seam ripper.  Because everyone makes mistakes no matter how awesome a quilter you are.  This one picks up loose threads too.

11.  An inspirational (and aspirational) pattern to sew.  I love this one!

12.  A book of quilt blocks.

13.  And another.  You can't have too many books of great block designs!

14.  More blocks.

15.  And even more.

16.  Wonder clips.  This little helpers hold down a binding for hand sewing.

17.  An inspirational calendar.  Because if you're old school enough to sew and read real books you could probably use a wall calendar.

18.  Shiny new pins.  Isn't it time to replace those old dull ones?

19.  I'm a little bit obsessed with rainbows at the moment.  This book scratches the itch.

20.  A little cutting mat.  The kind of thing one hates to buy for oneself, but so handy for retreats and sew days.

21.  This book is a good introduction to modern quilting for those just starting to explore the genre.  Features workshops on the basics of modern quilting.

22.  Colored pencils and a graph paper notebook for designing and doodling.  Splurge on the notebook and go old-school with the pencils.

23.  Some love paper piecing and some don't.  This is for those who do.

24.  I especially like the walking foot portions of this book.

25.  Love and admiration.  This one is free!  Tell a quilter how much you love her (or his) work!

Please DON'T give your quilter a punny t-shirt or mug about quilting.  We are modern women (and men) with sophisticated tastes.  If you're tempted to go in that direction give us a bottle of wine or chocolate instead!


  1. These are great ideas. I should send these post to my kids. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thanks Marcy! Valentine's Day is just around the corner :)

  2. Oh your list is so funny.....I give my grandson a new book with every gift...for every holiday. So glad your rejuvinated this post under our book theme at's priceless.

    1. Thanks Valerie! The kids in our family get books from me every Christmas and birthday too! Thanks for stopping by!